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News > Award of the Prophet of Mercy Conference

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Award of the Prophet of Mercy Conference



In the name of Allah, The most beneficent, The most merciful


The Cultural Counsel of the Islamic Republic of Iran in partnership with the Islamic Call University College and Uganda Broadcasting Corporation are going to hold a magnificent conference for the Holy Prophet with the title of “Great award of the Prophet of Mercy” due to base, an appropriate ground for integration of Muslims throughout Uganda on one hand, and in the other hand to show the Holy Prophet as the best example of an Islamic role model, for resolving the problems the country is facing now including;  non-cooperation in different Islamic  sects, extremism  and violence. The issue becomes more necessary when we see the bad picture that is being portrayed by others about the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

This shows how important it is for us to try depicting a correct picture of him as a responsibility.

The Prophet of mercy” conference presents an opportunity, at the national and international levels, to look at the Holy Prophet’s conduct in different dimensions of life as an individual and also a social leadership in order to explore and generate innovative approaches for dealing with the current problems in the society.

This conference will bring together a broad group of scholars, practitioners, and higher degree researchers across the fields of how we could take the Messenger of Allah as our role model, so that we can follow him in actions, morals, and conduct with Muslims and non-Muslims.


Conference subthemes:


 First subtheme: Holy prophet is a role model for the modern society


 Second subtheme: Harmony and co-existence with non-Muslims and the teachings of the prophet


 Third subtheme: Unity of Muslims in the light of the holy Quran and Sunna (Importance, necessities, causes of disunity and solutions)


 Forth subtheme: Prophet of mercy against extremism and violence


The language of the conference is English


Abstract submission:

Academic scholars and Researchers and anyone who interested in the topics are invited to submit proposals for academic papers including a 300-500 words summary, outlining clearly the topic, main argument, and sources to be used.

Name, institution/affiliation, short biography, contact details (address email, and mobile phone with WhatsApp number) must be submitted along with the abstract.

All abstract should be sent to: conferenceapm@gmail.com latest by Sunday 15 July 2018



Full paper submission:

After the abstract submission it will be examined by the scientific committee and if accepted it would be our pleasure to receive the full paper, it must be based on the abstract and an expanded version of that to be accepted finally.

Detailed format characteristics of the article will be sent to you. Deadline for submission is Thursday 09th August 2018.



Participation is free and there is no fee.



The best articles will be rewarded as follow:

1st Article: 3,000,000 UGX

2nd Article: 2,000,000 UGX

3rd Article: 1,000,000 UGX

And the next 10 articles will get 200,000 UGX each


Conference plan:

The conference will feature keynote speakers in the field who shall, have been selected by the scientific committee while other articles will be published before the day of the conference in a book which will be issued in the conference.


Important dates:

 Conference date:

 30th August 2018.

 Deadline for receipt of abstracts of research:

 Sunday, 15 July 2018.

 Deadline for submission of full research:

Thursday, 09th August 2018.

 Delay in research submission leads to its non-acceptance/ disqualification.







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