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News > Some 760,000 foreign nationals acquired literacy in Iran in 33 years

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Some 760,000 foreign nationals acquired literacy in Iran in 33 years

TEHRAN – As per a special literacy program developed for foreign nationals in Iran some 759,625 refugees have attended literacy courses over the past 33 years, the director of the Literacy Movement Organization (LMO) said.

The literacy program aims to develop literacy among foreign nationals (with the priority of Afghan refugees who outnumber other foreign nationals in the country) to improve the literacy rate, promote Islamic culture and empower refugees, ISNA quoted Ali Baqerzadeh as saying on Wednesday.

He went on to say that with the cooperation and support of international bodies including United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), LMO has the capacity to register more than 22,784 foreign nationals for literacy courses annually.

Talking about other measures that have been taken to promote literacy in the country, he referred to a literacy program for nomads. Started in 2015-2016, the program makes use of 1,000 literate individuals in those communities to teach illiterate ones. Till now, some 3,500 nomad women and 1,500 rural women have achieved literacy under this scheme.

Elsewhere in his remarks Baqerzadeh mentioned another literacy program which is being implemented in prisons, stating, “The program aims to provide basic literacy and essential life skills for prisoners ranging from 10 to 60 years old.” More than 86,000 prisoners have attended literacy courses during past 6 years, he added.

Identifying and educating illiterate soldiers is another campaign that is being pursued by LMO and armed forces, he highlighted, adding, some 2,900 soldiers have received the required education to date.

Improved literacy can contribute to economic growth, reduce poverty and crime, promote democracy, prevent HIV and other diseases through information provision, and confer personal benefits such as increased self-esteem, confidence and empowerment.



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